1962 Ford Classic Capri

The classic was a quality model by Ford in its time. It was styled under Colin Neale in 1956, refining a scaled down Galaxy 500 from the waist down, topped with a Lincoln Continental roofline.

Luckily it had not been too restored over the years, but nevertheless we took it down to bare metal to see what was lurking underneath.

Any rust patches that we found were repaired or treated, and the front wings were taken off, shot blasted and the metal repaired.

We next modelled all body curves and applied primer inside and out. The engine bay and all body edges were then masked out ready for the exterior top coat – 4 coats were applied.

When the paint had settled, all the body panels were polished before the refit took place. Time was then taken on the rest of the vehicle, as we had lots of chrome work to put on which we wax oiled before fitting.